About EInnovator

About EInnovator

Committed to IT Education

EInnovator brings to enterprises the technological and educational expertise that is needed for project and business success. Trough investment on the continuous education of in-house IT and software development staff, enterprises will be able to move beyond the technological hurdles, and focus on building business value, achieve costumer satisfaction, and ensure growth.

Committed to Innovation

Why Innovate?

Software drives the modern economy. The companies that thrive are the ones that rip the benefits of software automation and integration capabilities. They create user experiences that bring customer satisfaction, and service or product choice through proper online and mobile interaction. Many are the recent examples of new companies that disrupted existing markets, and companies that were able to achieve exponential scale growth — most of which afforded by the internet and global end-consumer connectivity. Very soon, most if not all relevant companies will become software-driven companies.

How To Innovate?

Software driven innovation comes with a combination of change of culture and appropriate technological choices. Beyond a clear business vision and sense of opportunity, the path to innovation includes the building of reliable, scalable, and fast time-to-market software. Automation of software delivery pipelines, appropriate component and distributed architectures, identifying the most suitable technologies, and knowing how to use them, are all must haves for business success and relevance trough innovation.

Technologies & Training Areas

Modern software architectures are characterized by demanding and varied requirements and constraints that can only be meet by using the appropriate combination of tools & technologies for each task at hand.

Consequently, successful software projects, and the architects and developers that build them, need to be polyglot in knowledge and the technologies they use. Understanding the match between task and technology, the trade-offs between different designs and configurations, and the approaches that lead to seemly integration between technologies, is a must to achieve success.

EInnovator selection of technologies and training offerings reflects the multiplicity of dimensions, layers, and component parts, required to build modern software systems. Focusing on selected best-of-breed technologies, courses give the conceptual and hands-on knowledge that is required to help IT practitioners to make suitable project decisions, develop technical proficiency, and work with high productivity.