EInnovator - Languages


Why Java ?

JavaTM has been for the last 20+ years, and continues to be, the dominant programming language in the enterprise software world. Therefore, mastering the in&outs of the language and the overall ecosystem — from the language syntax, the APIs, the new functional programming style, and JEE technologies and standards — is a must for the productive and successful Java developer.

Either for the experienced Java developer, the junior developer, or the veteran programmer transitioning from legacy programming language to Java, continuous education and updates on Java can be an opportunity to become a better enterprise software engineer.

Technologies of Choice

Java 8 functional programming style — with lambda expression and functional interfaces, streams API, and aggregators API — bring to Java the same kind of fluency and brevity available in other pure-functional and multi-paradigm programming languages. Tasks like implementing complex data-streams processing pipeline become highly simplified using Java 8.

Core Java training allows developers new to Java to get a full & comprehensive coverage of the language, including — the language syntax, object-oriented design principles and design patterns with Java, and the full gamete of JDK APIs.

JEE training allows developers to get proficient in the wide range of technologies part of JEE — from persistence with JPA, and dependency-injection with CDI, to REST-WS. An excellent complement to Spring Framework training.