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Spring Framework

Why Spring Framework ?

Spring Framework is the leading middleware framework for the Java ecosystem. It provides comprehensive comprehensive infrastructural support to meet the needs of applications and developers, with a wide range of modules in the core framework, and many satellite projects that address specific application needs — from security, to web development, cloud computing, and enterprise integration.

Relying in a light-weighted, intuitive, and non-intrusive programming model, based on dependency-injection, aspect-oriented programming, and a general POJO philosophy, Spring Framework allows applications to be empowered with enterprise graded features, needed in mission critical projects, with minimum fuss.

Technologies of Choice

The Core Spring Framework lays the foundation for the all Spring Framework Ecosystem. With a reflection based dependency-injection framework at its core, developers are free to choose among several styles of configuration for the applications. Combined with modules like declarative transaction management, data-access and ORM integration support, and web app development and REST-WS with Spring MVC, allows multi-layered applications to be easily developed, tested, and reconfigured. Spring Boot further simplifies development of Spring application trough auto-configuration.

Spring Security provides a flexible and multi-level security model for Java applications. Uses a simple configuration model based on XML and/or Java annotations.

Spring Integration bring the power of enterprise integration pattern to Spring. Allows the seemly integration of many sub-systems by using a plug&play programming model, where out-of-the-box components, communicating trough in-memory communication channels, combine with application logic to take software engineering to the next level of simplicity and abstraction.

Spring Powered Multi-Tier Applications

Decomposing a mission critical Enterprise Application into suitable modules, layers, and components is essential for its long-term maintainability. Spring Framework provides the right set of abstractions that when combined with architectural and implementation best-practices allows applications to meet business functionality, be easily tested, and guarantee the long term scalability of projects and the productive of developers.

Use Cases:

  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Java based Solutions
  • Micro-Services Architectures

Consulting Services

EInnovator can help by bringing you years long experience in Spring powered architectures and project development, and guide projects in the right track from the start.

Spring Integration Pipelines

Spring Integration provides a consistent programming model — based on the concepts of enterprise integration patterns — to interconnect many different kinds of systems, using heterogeneous protocols and data formats. Familiarity with the many different types components available out-of-the box in the Spring Integration framework, and understanding the different ways they can be connected, allow for sophisticated data-processing pipelines to be build in a simple and productive way.

Use Cases:

  • Enterprise Integration Solutions
  • Heterogenous Distributed System
  • Legacy Systems Integration
  • Event-Driven Architetures

Consulting Services

EInnovator can help by assisting project architects in selecting, defining, and configuring the most suitable Spring Integration components and pipelines to solve complex enterprise integration problems.